Bongeunsa Temple

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Edited Temple Picture 1

Lanterns with Dude in the middleMe on Stairs 2LanternsMe and the TempleSitting on the StepsUpper Temple

Where: Seoul, Bongeunsa Temple Station, Exit 1 (30 second walk)

Duration: 1.5 hours

A Brief History: Originally founded in 794, the temple has been the home to many Buddhist masters and many Buddhist texts. It continues to be a practice-oriented temple today.

Point of Interest: The entrance to the temple, the Field of Monk’s Stupas is a beautiful area that often contains plants depending on the season and leads into the Dharma Hall, a massive building covered in lanterns and filled with statues of Avalokitesvara. Overnight temple stays and day temple life programs are available.

Recommendation: 4/5, it’s a beautiful temple in Seoul, but there are far grander ones outside of Seoul and it tends to have quite a few tour groups going through.

*Note: to go inside the temple meditation areas, always take off your shoes, stay quiet. Mats are available to sit on. Be respectful of people who are meditating. The architecture inside the meditation rooms is glorious, but it would be disrespectful to take pictures in that environment.

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