Udo Island

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Where: Off the coast of Jeju Island, South Korea. Take a bus (#710) from Jeju City Bus Terminal, then a ferry ride from there (Don’t forget your passport or ID). Travel time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Time: Anywhere from 2 hours to an entire day.

A Brief History: Udo Island is part of the Olle Trail routes on Jeju Island and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Korea. The entire island is protected as part of a maritime park.

Point of Interest: If you have an international driver’s license, bring it and rent an ATV to tour the island (Approximate 40,000 won, or a little less than $40 USD). Otherwise, you’ll be stuck on a sweat-inducing bike. The ATV was fun to drive and made it easier to get to hard-to-reach locations. Also would recommend bringing a bathing suit. Near the lighthouse is a decent beach to spend a leisurely hour or two as you tour around.

Recommendation: 5/5. If possible, I would recommend this even more. It’s one of my favorite places in Korea simply because it’s so relaxing. Take a bike or a ATV, explore the island, relax on the beach, eat lots of peanut ice cream and burgers. Very few cars are on the island, which makes it a little more tranquil. There are also speedboats and underwater submarines you can take before reaching the island for some additional excitement.

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    1. I’m definitely feeling like I should have seen more than I have at this point (I’ve been here almost two years! Craziness!), so I definitely feel where you’re coming from!


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