Samyang Black Sand Beach

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Where: In Jeju City, you can take the 100 bus, which runs through most of the city to Samyang Beach. A taxi will cost you about 7,000-8,000 won.

Time: 1-3 hours.

A Brief History: Some people say that the black sand has some healing properties that come with it. Overall, it’s a beach that’s famous among tourists for the sand’s unbelievable color.

Point of Interest: The black sand. It’s hard to capture in photographs just how dark this sand is, but it is not the white sandy beach of your imagination. The black sand makes the beach overall look a bit harsher than the average beach.

Recommendation: 2/5. It’s a good beach to go and watch the sunset at with a box of chicken (standard beach food), and the black sand is rather interesting to behold. However, when compared to the other beaches on Jeju, this one is simply not as glorious looking nor does it hold as many draws as the other beaches (aka water sports). For swimming and general beaching activities, other beaches would be better. I highly suggest going to Aewol Gwakji Beach.
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