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Where: This is a bit confusing, but bear with me. You need to go to Shin-kiba Station, then transfer to the JR Line (unless you are already on the JR Line), to Maihama Station. Be aware of the fact that there is another station between Shin-kiba and Maihama that is not on the subway map. From there, you need to exit the station to go to the Disney Resort Line and get off at DisneySea (and yes, it does cost additional money).

Duration: An entire day, easily. You could even spend multiple days in the park. There were plenty of things we didn’t get to do and we got to the park around 8:30 am and left around 9:00 pm.

History: It took 10 years from the time the park was announced and given a name for it to be opened in 2001. The total cost of the project was 335 billion yen (or about 3.5 billion USD). It is actually owned by the Oriental Land Company and is under a license from Disney. A lot of negotiations had to occur between the two companies in order to make a park that was culturally relevant in both Japan and America.

Point of Interest: It’s going to sound a bit odd, but the popcorn at Tokyo DisneySea is crazy. While there, we had: curry-flavored, black-pepper flavored, cappuccino flavored, and your basic caramel. The somewhat crazy popcorn flavors are unique to Tokyo Disney and not to be missed! Also, you can get a very cute, plastic, refillable bucket in the shape of a character if you desire. Also in Tokyo, the Disney-goers really go all out. They have t-shirts and headbands and everything Disney. Get some fun Disney ears to really get in the Disney mindset (in September/October, people also go in full costume!).

Recommendation: 5/5 easily. Disney was actually one of my favorite parts of Tokyo. I hadn’t been to one of the parks since I was in the 6th grade, and I was amazed by the attention to detail that Disney had in its parks. The rides were fun, but Disney is more about the experience of being in the park than about the rides (as it is a theme park rather than an amusement park). The shows were really nice, the lines were really well-decorated, and the staff was really helpful. Because of how thoroughly designed the park was, it’s also a great place to take pictures!

*Hint: Work the fast-pass system as much as possible. The rides I would most suggest getting a fast pass to are: Toy Story Mania!, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, Journey to the Center of the Earth. All of these rides have incredibly long lines. How the system works is that you go and get your fast pass, if they are available (there are signs everywhere pointing you to the ticket machine). You can get your next fast pass either: after your last fast pass has expired/you went on the ride OR two hours after you got your fast-pass. The Tower of Terror also has a fast pass, but the fast passes to it tend to run out a lot slower than the other rides. Basically with a fast pass, you have an extremely short waiting time to get on the rides.

**Hint: Get to the park as early as possible and go on a weekday to avoid massive crowds.

***Hint: We managed to ride most of the rides at least once, eat a ton, and took a ton of pictures. We were exhausted by the time 6:00 hit and decided to find a place to watch the 8:30 fireworks/light show. It was a great decision because we felt a bit more rested and we had front row seats. I suggest trying to sit at Lido Isle.

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4 thoughts on “Tokyo DisneySea

  1. I’ve always wanted to know what the other Disney resorts around the world were like. Been to Disney World four times as a kid, and I never get sick of the “World of Tomorrow” section at the Magic Kingdom. Space Mountain is still my favourite amusement park ride to this day!

    I was also at Euro Disney in the middle of Winter for a work related event a few years ago. The accommodations were dated and unkempt, and half the amusement park was closed due to the cold French winter. Aside from Tokyo Disney, have you been to any of the other properties?


    1. I didn’t get a chance to stay in any of the Disney accommodations, but everything was amazing and up to date. I’ve been to Disney Florida as a kid and I used to work in the area at Universal Studios, so we’d make our way over to the boardwalk in the summer. I was unbelievably impressed with Tokyo Disney. Everything was really spot on.


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