Royal Gaitor (Gaitor Tumbas)

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Where: Jaipur, (somewhat—perhaps not really) near Hwa Mahal and the Albert Hall Museum. We hired a tuk tuk for the day, but Uber will go there, too. You definitely would need a ride to get there.

Duration: 30 minutes-1 hour.

Cost: I can’t quite remember—it was either free (doubtful) or well under 250 rupees.

A Brief History: These gleaming mausoleums hold the ruling family of Jaipur and consists of two different areas built from the 18th century-20th century.

Point of Interest: On one of the biggest structures is a rather unsafe looking stone stairwell hidden on one side. You can walk up it and from there get an amazing view of all the structures in the tomb from above.

Recommendation: 5/5. This wasn’t a place we planned to go—we gave our tuk tuk driver a general idea of what we wanted to see and do, and he also took us to some places we had never heard about. This was one of those places. It was an absolutely gorgeous colony of white and barely-yellowing buildings set against the backdrop of the mountains. Some people climbed up the hills, but we stayed in the main area—even better we were basically the only people wandering around. Two families left as we came in, and some children played with kites and ran along the walls, but other than that, we had the place to ourselves.

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4 thoughts on “Royal Gaitor (Gaitor Tumbas)

    1. Thanks! There’s a special place in my heart for India. I think everyone should go, but also prepare themselves mentally before they go because it’s such a different world.


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