Albert Hall Museum

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Where: Jaipur, somewhat near the Hwa Mahal.

Duration: 30 minutes-1 hour

Cost: 300 Rupees

A Brief History: The museum was named after Prince Albert of Wales who visited Jaipur in the late 1800’s. While the foundation had been cast, it was difficult to decide what the building was used for until it was decided it would be a showcasing museum of crafts to help inspire and educate the masses.

Point of Interest: On entrance to the museum, there are some pieces of art hung on the wall with the old Hindu stories next to them. I found these fascinating in how interesting the stories were. One, in particular, was about a girl who wanted to marry a specific man. The gods decided to try to trick her into picking them by assuming his form leading the girl to despair over who her husband would be, until she found that the gods had no shadow, no sweat, and couldn’t wink at her which led her to the man she loved.

Recommendation: 2/5. I found the architecture of the building fascination—but the exhibitions less so. Maybe because of my art history major and minor in history, but I find that it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to museums (South Africa has some fantastic museums on apartheid and Nelson Mandela for instance). Some people might really enjoy looking at textiles, some old weaponry (which I did find interesting), and a few pieces of art, but overall I felt underwhelmed.

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