Jal Mahal (The Water Palace)

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Where: Jaipur, somewhat along the Amer-Jaipur Road (aka the road you need to take to get to the Amer Fort).

Duration: 10-30 minutes tops. You can’t actually go to explore the palace, it’s just a photo stop.

Cost: Free

A Brief History: Some say the palace was once used specifically as a retreat for duck hunting by the royal family. Others say the raja of the time had it built in the middle of a lake so that he could occasionally escape from his twelve wives to a place where they couldn’t get to him.

Point of Interest: To be honest, I can’t think of one. Just go to snap some pictures then be on your way to your next destination. Maybe it’s good to note that across the main street are a number of delicious restaurants where you could get a nice thali and coke.

Recommendation: 2/5. It’s a beautiful golden palace in the middle of a lake, which seems and looks like something out of a fairytale. However, this isn’t the sort of location you should plan to stop at for a while (keep that tuk tuk driver on hold as you’ll want to go somewhere else very, very soon). It’s great for photos, but also extremely crowded and the lake isn’t well cared-for (aka incredibly dirty). I heard at one point it was possible to take a boat onto the water, though expensive, but I didn’t see a single boat out there.

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