Namsan Tower (North Seoul Tower)

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Where: When I’ve went before, we’ve either just walked in the direction of tower until we got to the cable car landing. Or if you head from Myeongdong Station towards the Shinsagae Department Store, and turn left and eventually you come to a free elevator up to the cable car landing, though it can take time. There’s also quite a few shuttles that go there depending on where you are in Seoul.

Cost: 8,500 won to take the cable car up the mountain (or you can walk for free), and 10,000 won to get up into the actual tower. If there are two of you, I would advise purchasing the two people combo ticket. You get two tickets, a popcorn, and two drinks for 21,000 won. To purchase them all separately would be 27,000 won. So really it’s a great deal for an extra dollar.

Duration: Really depends on the lines. The cable car is the greatest wait. I’ve gone and hardly had to wait for the cable car. I’ve also gone and had to wait an hour to take it up and down before. Usually afternoons are busiest, but it can be quite busy at night when the night view is stunning.

A Brief History: It was Seoul’s first radio tower, but it has been transformed into an observation deck with a few museums. On the topmost floor is actually a restaurant.

Recommendation: 3.5/5. There are things I really like about the Namsan Tower. I love the locks of love that surround it, where couples have placed a lock in order to “secure” their love forever. It makes the entire place bright and colorful. The views are also stunning—if you happen to be there on a clear day (which I never have). Going up into the tower is a bit cool because on the 360 degree windows, they have printed the names of major cities that are in that direction. It’s fun to be able to look one way and know that you are facing Chicago or Kabul. You can also see the entire sprawling city of Seoul, and it is indeed a sprawling city.


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