A Week in Tokyo

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There are two major holidays in Korea: Chuseok and Seollal. Chuseok usually falls in September or October and is considered “Korean Thanksgiving,” where many Koreans journey home to eat tons of food spend time with family. For non-Koreans, this traditionally means vacation time. Finding airline tickets becomes a race against time against the ever-rising prices. People everywhere debate where to go. A few of my friends locked me in a battle: I wanted warm sandy beaches and time frolicking in the sea. They wanted a mix of Taiwon, Singapore, and Japan. After much debate and disappointment over the cost of flights to Cebu, I decided to go to Tokyo with a friend.


Boseong Green Tea Plantation

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Where: This is a bit tricky, since I went here on a day tour on a private bus (and we went from Damyang to Boseong, so it wasn’t a direct drive either). You can take the KTX or a bus to Gwangju, then take another bus to the Boseong Bus Terminal.