Boseong Green Tea Plantation

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Where: This is a bit tricky, since I went here on a day tour on a private bus (and we went from Damyang to Boseong, so it wasn’t a direct drive either). You can take the KTX or a bus to Gwangju, then take another bus to the Boseong Bus Terminal.

Duration: 1-3 hours. We, most unfortunately, only had 40 minutes here. I’d imagine you could spend a long time here when all the activities are up and running (which again, unfortunately they weren’t due to the rain).

Cost: Free

A Brief History: The green tea plantations in this area have existed since Japanese occupation, which occurred from 1910-1945.

Point of Interest: There are actually two plantations. This one was the more popular of them, the Daehan Dawon Tourist Tea Plantation. From what I’ve heard, the more popular one is the more “kept” of them, while the other is up the road a few minutes and a bit more rugged. The decision to visit both is up to you, though I didn’t find many good reviews of the second location.

Recommendation: 5/5. I’ve never been to a tea plantation, so this was actually a lot of fun, despite the light drizzle. the entire area was beautiful and really well-kept. The only downside was because we went on a tour, we had extremely limited time here, there was a festival going on so there were so many people, and the weather made the hills extremely muddy and slippery. But all those things would be fixed on a normal weekend with good weather. If you have limited time traveling in Korea, though, this isn’t a place that I think is necessary to see. But, if you live here or are traveling for an extended period, it would be a good trip spot.


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